Five Oaks Neighborhood Partnership Initiative

     This initiative has been exploring ways of partnering with and serving alongside members of the Five Oaks neighborhood, specifically at Corpus Christi Church. One way this project has unfolded is having members of the Marianist Family volunteer at the weekly Tuesday neighborhood meals served at Corpus Christi by the Food for the Journey Project, as well as offering prayer and relationship building opportunities. 


Respite Bags Project: Sign up to Help

     The major project currently underway in this initiatives is creating Respite Bags that offer food and other supplies to guests who come to the free Tuesday meal. Many of the guests who come to the meal do not have homes; as a result, their food needs go beyond what can be provided at a meal on Tuesday. We have been asking members of the Marianist Family to provide brown-bags filled with shelf-stable food items and prayers that can be given to guests of the Tuesday meals.

For instructions and to sign up online to provide respite bags, visit this signup genius page:

THIS IS AN ONGOING VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY! You can sign up even after January 2021 

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