The Dayton Marianist Family Council (DMFC) is made up of nominated representatives from all three branches of the Marianist Family of Greater Dayton committed to furthering the mission of Mary through listening, networking, inviting, and strengthening relationships.


The mission of the DMFC is to facilitate greater connections among individuals and communities, promote unity, foster our shared heritage and work toward a deeper and broader common ground among the Marianist Family of Greater Dayton.


The DMFC supports collaboration and communication amongst the Dayton Marianist Family

by fostering common celebrations, greater on-going formation, community outreach and service, and advocating for persons in need. We engage all to bear witness to the fullness of the Marianist Charism in service of the Church and the World.


Dayton Marianist Family Council Members


Front Row (left to right): Sr. Leanne Jablonski, Sarah Stone, Sr. Gabby Bibeau, Cathy Dempsey

Back Row (left to right): Br. Ray Fitz, Emily Fahrig, Martha Saurine, Brent Devitt, Fr. Ted Cassidy, Nancy Woeste

Not Pictured: Kateri Dillon and Br. Andrew Kosmowski



Members by Office

Co-chairs: Sarah Stone and Sr. Gabby Bibeau

Office of Religious Life: Sr. Leanne Jablonski and Brent Devitt

Office of Education: Martha Saurine, Cathy Dempsey, and Br. Andrew Kosmowski

Office of Temporalities: Br. Ray Fitz, Kateri Dillon, Fr. Ted Cassidy, Emily Fahrig, and Nancy Woeste